Inspection & Certification Services for organic products

GR-BIO-05_en9_copya-Cert S.A., provides inspection and certification services according to Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production of agricultural products. Our Organization certifies fresh agricultural and animal products, processed products as well as imported organic products from Third Countries.

For product and processing inspections, a-Cert has staffed its department with agronomists that obtain the necessary experience and technical training in conducting inspection audits according to the Regulation. In addition, a-Cert trains its collaborators according to the inspection procedures defined by European and National Legislation.

a-Cert’s staff undertakes the responsibility to inform all interested operators about the services provided by the Organization, and also to promote a-Cert and its work anywhere needed.

In order for a-Cert S.A., to provide inspection and certification services according to Council Regulation in a Member State of the EU is required to receive a licence from the competent government authority.

Currently, a Cert is licensed in Greece and Bulgaria.

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